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The Energy Partnership

The Bridgewater Energy Partnership is a learning and action program for local businesses and organizations that encourages innovative energy solutions and increases the collective knowledge of energy sustainability. The Partners help lead our community’s planning and action for energy sustainability by exploring various challenges and opportunities such as emerging energy technologies, affordability, environmental and health impacts, shared service delivery and much more. Partners learn about these issues and how to address them through bi‐monthly workshops. Partners also help the community choose and lead actions that provide an immediate benefit, and are working to shape initiatives and policies that will create Bridgewater’s local energy economy.

Joining the Partnership

There is no cost to join the Energy Partnership, other than your business or organization’s commitment toward attending events and being engaged in the process. Membership is open to any business, organization, or community group in Bridgewater and area. Partners can participate in four different ways, and in any combination:

  • Learners share what they have learned and promote the initiative in the community.  All Partners are learners.
  • Leaders lead or participate in practical Living Energy Laboratory projects
  • Coordinators steer the program and help organize the learning process for the members
  • Sponsors provide funds and other resources to support the Partnership

Benefits for Partners include:

  • Transferrable training and experience in energy sustainability that can be used to reduce energy consumption, reduce costs, and achieve associated benefits (eg. energy security, green reputation)
  • Facilitated and networked connections with other committed organizations
  • Learn and practice leadership skills like presentation, facilitation, and event management
  • Shape the future of the community in a way that matches your capacity
  • Public promotion of your involvement through press releases and online tools

More information and registration documents can be downloaded here: