Greenhouse Heating Study: A Tinkerer’s Journey

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  • Project Description

    Home Improvement or Lifestyle Change

    Five years ago, David Maxwell (a DIY enthusiast and inveterate tinkerer) built a passive solar greenhouse with solar hot water storage. He is constantly improving it and wants to share his experience to build a network of local energy innovators.

  • Benefits for the Community

    David’s work educates the community about the value of greenhouses, which allow us to grow more food locally. It also teaches about solar energy generation and monitoring systems. People looking to embark on their own projects can benefits from David’s DIY lessons and enjoy a locally grown fig while they’re at it.

  • Lessons Learned from this Project

    Do your best to keep in mind the balance between practicality, cost, and feasibility. Look around for inspiration – there is no need to reinvent the wheel.

  • Get Involved with this Project

    Get in touch with David to learn more about greenhouses, renewable energy, and locally grown apples!

  • Project Leaders

    David Maxwell.  David welcomes you to contact him to learn more about his project or to share information: / 902-766-0305