Local Energy Improvement Database

  • Project Status

    Still in development

  • Project Description

    Community Project

    Bluenose Coastal Action Foundation is looking to work with Bridgewater and area residents, organizations, and businesses to share their energy stories with the community through videos that will be made publicly available through a website. Coastal Action hopes to create a database of credible local experiences from which others can learn and gain unbiased insight into real smart energy projects. This database will provide information and experience to others in the community who may be interested in undertaking an energy efficient upgrade, allowing them to move forward more confidently towards attaining their smart energy goals.

  • Benefits to the Community

    A database like this will help people and businesses find trustworthy information on the benefits and costs of different energy technologies. Sharing stories of the solutions people are already finding locally can inspire others to take action. Although the project did not come to fruition this round, many Living Energy Lab participants mentioned how needed it is.