Mashup Weekend: Energy Edition

  • Project Status

    Completed (May 2017)

  • Project Description

    Business or Organizational Initiative

    The Mashup Weekend: Energy Edition brought together enthusiastic entrepreneurs and energy experts to bring new energy-related business ideas to life over the course of a weekend.  More information:

  • Benefits for the Community

    Events like the Mashup Weekend can support local entrepreneurs and encourage the local energy economy. It stimulates community innovation and inspires people to go from thinking about an idea to taking action.

  • Start-Up Resources Awarded

    Start-up cash ($1,000)
    Mentorship and support from energy experts ($575 value)

  • Lessons Learned from the Project

    The more risks you take, the more confident you are trying new approaches!

  • Get Involved with this Project

    The group came up with four new ideas for possible energy businesses and worked out many of the logistics for those projects. The next step is giving those ideas away to the public at the Energize Nova Scotia: Discovery Fair on October 27 and 28.