New Business: Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Project Type

    New Venture

  • Project Status


  • Start-Up Resources Awarded

    • Participation in Mashup Weekend ($50 value)
    • Mentorship and support from energy experts ($1,056 value)

What is it?  A company that sells solar panels, wind turbines, hydro generators, solar air heaters, solar hot water systems, battery banks, inverters, charge controllers and racking. Site surveys, consultations, complete system designs, along with maintenance and repair are just some of the additional services offered. Website with E-commerce will be implemented detailing each product with attached images. A “Mobile Power Station” will be constructed to take to events for public hands on experience, as well being an on-site independent power source. Any homeowner wanting to learn more or perhaps proceed with installation of a system can have Laval & his portable power station come to their property for a consultation.

The business is being started by Laval Paradis, an electrical/diagnostic specialist from the automotive industry, with 26 yrs. in the field and a certified/registered educator with the Board of Education & Culture. Laval holds several licenses and certifications.

Why was this project  selected for the Living Energy Laboratory?

  • Projected to employ 1-3 people within first 18 months
  • Promotes greener living, work provided will benefit the earth/economy
  • Allows for quicker access to expanding renewable energy industry within Bridgewater community. Local economic stimulation.

Who is leading this project?  Laval Paradis