Renewable Energy Monitoring System for Indian Garden Farms

  • Project Type

    Business or Organizational Initiative

  • Project Status


  • Start-Up Resources Awarded

    • Start-up cash ($400)

What is it?  At Indian Garden Farms, Matthew Hebb has been experimenting with D.I.Y. solar photovoltaic and wind energy systems for the past 5 years. By installing a real-time energy monitoring system, he will measure the renewable energy they produce on a continuous basis. The data can be viewed by the whole community through the internet. A great way for us all to learn from his experience!

Why was this project selected for the Living Energy Laboratory?

  • Helps the community learn about solar and wind energy generation potential in our area, and about the possible savings and benefits
  • Other people can learn about building their own renewable energy systems

Who is leading this project? Indian Garden Farms