Renewable Energy Monitoring System for Indian Garden Farms

  • Project Status

    Completed (Summer 2017)

  • Project Description

    Business or Organizational Initiative

    Matthew Hebb is a DIY enthusiast who has been experimenting with solar and wind energy systems at Indian Garden Farms for the past 5 years. With their newly installed real-time energy monitoring system, they will the measure renewable energy produced onsite and display the results online for everyone to view.

  • Start-Up Resources Awarded

    Start-up cash ($400)

  • Benefits to the Community

    This project helps the community learn about wind and solar potential nearby. It also teaches about the ins and outs of the DIY approach, which other people can benefit from when building their own renewable energy systems.

  • Lessons Learned from this Project

    You can from trial and error, from other people, and from online guides. Always source your materials from reputable sellers and, if using batteries, focus your resources there because cheap ones will short out in no time!

  • Get Involved with this Project

    Head on up to Indian Garden Farms for a pint of strawberries and to watch the wind turbines at work. Watch for the online tracking to be released soon and don’t be afraid to approach Matt with any questions!