Renewable Energy Monitoring System for Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute

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  • Project Description

    Business or Organizational Initiative

    The Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute installed an energy monitoring system at their field station in Queens County to track real-time energy consumption and production from their renewable energy systems. Real-time results will be available online for public viewing.  More information:

  • Start-Up Resources Awarded

    • Start-up cash ($400)
    • Mentorship and support from energy experts ($375 value)
  • Benefits for the Community

    With this system, researchers and visitors onsite can learn exactly how their behaviour affects power consumption and take steps to reduce their carbon footprint. By making monitoring results public, the general public may be inspired to increase sustainable efforts at their own homes and businesses.

  • Lessons Learned from the Project

    Never underestimate the importance of troubleshooting and working energy experts. Try to work with companies that provide support over the phone instead of just email.

  • Get Involved with this Project

    Stop by to visit the research station and keep an eye out for the online tracking – coming soon!

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