Story Time: Energy Stories for Young Readers

  • Project Type

    Home Improvement or Lifestyle Change

  • Project Status


  • Start-Up Resources Awarded

    • Start-up cash ($400)
    • Communications support: ($75 value)
    • Mentorship and support from energy experts ($50 value)

What is it?  A children’s (brother and sister) picture and story book helping young children understand energy and its role in their lives. Through their daily experiences at play, at home and school, with family, friends and pets, children can learn the role that energy, in its various forms, plays in sustaining their lives and the lives of others with whom they share the planet. The writer is Donna Foulkes, a mother, an aunt and a grandmother, a writer, a diver, a sailor who lives on the LaHave River, and who marvels every sunny winter day at a home designed 175 years ago to capture the suns rays and keep the house at 70 degrees from 9 until 4!

Why was this project selected for the Living Energy Laboratory?

  • Helps children in our community and beyond develop informed minds to bring to the decisions they will make about energy throughout their lives
  • Teaches us about how to translate energy concepts to children, so parents and educators can benefit from that same process

Who is leading this project? Donna Foulkes