Story Time: Energy Stories for Young Readers

  • Project Status


  • Project Description

    Home Improvement or Lifestyle Change

    Donna Foulkes, a local mother and grandmother, is writing a children’s picture and story book that teaches readers about various forms of energy and the role it plays in their lives.

  • Start-Up Resources Awarded

    • Start-up cash ($400)
    • Communications support: ($75 value)
    • Mentorship and support from energy experts ($50 value)
  • Benefits for the Community

    The primary goal of the book is to help children in our community and beyond develop informed minds to make sustainable decisions. The writing process also teaches us how to translate energy concepts to many audiences, so that parents and educators can benefit as well.

  • Lessons Learned from this Project

    Never underestimate the benefits of mentorship in a new process. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your ideas and think outside the box because energy touches our lives in many different ways.

  • Project Leaders

    Donna Foulkes